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Oak Alaska finishing


Oak Alaska finishing

Tradition and contemporaneity meets in a kitchen with ultra-modern and elegant lines with wood effect.

General description

The rigorous geometry and the ultra-modern lines are not tricking. The real spirit of Time, in Oak Alaska finishing, is all in those knots and veins which characterize the wood-effect finishes.

The warm reminder of natural materials is further lightened by the combination of pvc wall units and Kaos finishing laminate woktops, creating a perfect synthesis between the contemporary and traditional.

Ante legno telaio

Ante legno liscio

With its infinite variety of textures and colour tones, Stone Italiana engineered Quartz and marble collection is the result of accurate research, to give each creation an original texture and unprecedented depth. Stone Italiana engineered quartz- or marble-based surfaces offer endless chromatic solutions and contain inserts designed to enhance the raw material and make it more refined and precious and aesthetically complete.








Laminate Worktops, 4 cm thick, with abs edge, 1mm thick (max. length 410cm)

Laminate Worktop, 2/4/6 cm thick, with unicolour edges (max. length 415 cm)

0.7-1.7-2.7-3.7 cm thick Laminam Tops in Porcelain Stoneware (max. size 300×100 cm)

Marble and Granite Worktops, 3 cm. thick (max. length 270 cm)

Postformed Laminate Worktops, 4 cm thick, (max.Length 410 cm)

Choose from a range of opening systems which can be handle-free or alternatively, choose the handle opening system and pick from a wide variety of handle designs.